Cytosolix has discovered a way to re-engineer existing chemotherapeutics to target solid tumors

The Problem

Side-effects of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy often causes serious side effects, limiting its ability to treat cancer.  Side effects are a consequence of off-target drug uptake of these toxic agents in healthy tissues.

The Solution

Tumor-targeted drug delivery

While antibody-drug conjugates show the benefits of targeted delivery, antibodies target very rare molecular biomarkers, limiting the benefits of this technology to just a few cancers.  Most patients still rely on untargeted therapies.

The Opportunity

A universal cancer biomarker

Tumor acidity provides a biomarker for targeted drug delivery to 95% of cancers. Acidity is an unavoidable consequence of the way cancers grow and metabolize that is universal to solid tumors.

Value Proposition

A small-molecule tumor-targeted platform

Cytosolix has a unique approach to improve existing therapeutics that is applicable to most classes of small molecule drugs.

Targets drug-delivery to an unexploited, newly-validated biomarker universal to solid tumors - 95% of cancers.

Improved safety and therapeutic index enables more intensive therapy and better outcomes with lower side effects.

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The Team

Management Team

John Deacon BIO headshot 1 - Square Crop

John C. Deacon, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Associate Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine

Advisory Team

Colin Headshot
Colin Foster, M.B.A.

Business Strategy

Formerly CEO, Bayer North America


IMG_3449 (002)
Wayne Klohs, Ph.D.

Oncology Strategy

Formerly Senior VP Global Oncology, Astellas

Formerly Head of Oncology, Pfizer

Terrence W. Doyle, Ph.D.
Terrence Doyle, Ph.D.

R&D Strategy

Formerly Director of Preclinical Cancer Research, BMS

Formerly CSO, Vion Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Joseph Paul Eder
J. Paul Eder, M.D.

Clinical Strategy

Director Phase I Program, Yale Cancer Center

Formerly Medical Science Director, AstraZeneca


Stephen B. Sasson, Ph.D.
Stephen Sasson Ph.D.

Regulatory Strategy

Formerly VP World Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical & Medical Sciences Team Leader, Pfizer


The Cytosolix Opportunity



Our approach achieves up to 100-fold improvements without changing the active agent


Clinical Translation

Preclinical examples show that our core concept translates to therapeutic outcomes


Regulatory Advantages

Our platform can bring first-in-class targeted therapies to new indications, addressing unmet clinical needs


Numerous Applications

Our platform can be applied to nearly every class of small molecule chemotherapy


Targeting tumor acidity can be built into drug discovery in oncology - revolutionizing the next generation of chemotherapy

Cytosolix is positioned to lead the industry into a new era of tumor-targeted drug-delivery

Revolutionize Oncology?

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